The DyRes System project published “Guidelines for dynamic resilience assessment” aiming to enhance the predictive power in resilience assessment of the complex water system taking into account the hydroenergetic, flood, and environmental system resilience.
Guidelines for dynamic resilience assessment include several project and dissemination activities given as follows:

  • Introduction;
  • Dissemination activities;
  • Main goals;
  • General methodological framework for the dynamic resilience assessment;
  • Dynamic Modeling of the Dam and Reservoir System Reduced Functionality in Adverse Operating Conditions;
  • Hydroenergetic and Food Dynamic Resilience for Complex Reservoir Systems Using Failure Simulations;
  • Failure Assessment of Embankment Dam Elements;
  • Assessing Dynamic Resilience Under Hazardous Events using Digital twin of the water system, Artificial Neural Networks, and Data generated;
  • Explainable genetic fuzzy rule-based system for resilience assessment;
  • Environmental resilience under climate change;
  • Conclusions;
  • Acknowledgement;
  • Project team members;