DyRes System
Scientific organizations

The following scientific organizations are involved in the implementation of the DyRes System project:

See organization profiles below for more details.

Jaroslav Černi Water Institute

Jaroslav Černi Water Institute (JCWI) is the leading consulting and research organization in the Serbian water sector. In addition to high-level research, Jaroslav Černi Water Institute performs a wide variety of consulting and other services which constitute its core functions, including but not limited to: environmental assessment, water and soil quality and protection, environmental and other planning and design, planning and engineering of all water and hydropower infrastructures; consulting services, development of strategic planning documents and assistance in the drafting of national legislation, standards, methodologies, and guidelines.

Faculty of Civil Engineering

The University of Belgrade Faculty of Civil Engineering is the oldest and largest educational and scientific institution in the field of civil engineering and geodesy in Serbia and in territory of former Yugoslavia. According to the Decree from 1935, Faculty of Technology’s Construction Department subdivided into four groups: Geodesy, Traffic Engineering, Static-constructive and Hydro-technique (nowadays Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering). The Profile of the studies equaled that at foreign universities, methodology being more like in other countries, thus resulting in the increased theoretical and practical knowledge.

Faculty of Engineering Science

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac belongs to the group of the most distinguished and the most prestigious educational institutions in the field of technical sciences. Today, it is a modern scientific-educational institution with clearly defined mission, vision, objectives and program orientation. Mission of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac, as an educational-scientific institution, is that, with maximal and continuous innovation of teaching materials, with application of modern methods and techniques of education and through research process, educate young and quality experts in the field of mechanical engineering, able to be leaders in development of the region and wider.

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac founded in 1972. is one of the leading higher education institutions in Serbia based on its achieved results in education and scientific research activities. Academic staff coordinates/participates in numerous national and international scientific projects including H2020, Erasmus+, COST and others. Scientific and technical work in the DyRES_System project is undertaken by a member of Center for computer modelling and optimisation (CERAMO) – research unit that resides at the Dept. of Mathematics and Informatics.