We are proud to announce that the newly launched DyRes System project funded by the Science Fond of the Republic of Serbia kicked off on the 30th September 2020. For this purpose, a live event and open discussion were organized by the WSDAC Unesco’s Centre 2 category via the Microsoft Teams application.

DyRes System addresses the challenges of supporting the risk assessment of complex water systems. The project proposes the use of a system approach to enhance the predictive power in resilience assessment of water systems, environment, and infrastructure beyond the largest recorded events. The main objective of the proposed research is the development of a modelling framework for dynamic resilience assessment. The modelling framework will underpin investment decisions within the different sectors (e.g. water, hydro energy, environmental sectors) for adaptation schemes under the uncertain changes in our environment (e.g. variable climate, natural disasters).

Jaroslav Černi Water Institute coordinates the project activities within DyRes System. The project team consists of members from University of Belgrade (Faculty of Civil Engineering), University of Kragujevac (Faculty of Engineering Science, Faculty of Science) and Jaroslav Černi Water Institute.

The kick-off meeting was divided into two parts. First, a live event was organized to enable participants to follow presentations of the project members and guest speakers. Next, an open discussion among the team members, guest speakers and participants took place. To ensure a wide communication of the research activities, participants from different sectors (public enterprises, academia, students etc.) were invited.

Opening statements were given from guest speakers dr Nikola Milivojević (executive director of the Jaroslav Černi Water Institute) and dr Brankica Majkić-Dursun (director of the WSDAC Centre).

Next, prof. dr Slobodan P. Simonovic (Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Western Ontario), a globally recognized leader in modelling risk and resilience, presented a pioneering research regarding the dynamic resilience assessment of complex systems in Canada. Development of the hydro-information (Đerdap, Drina, etc.) and dam safety (Đerdap 1, Đerdap 2, Vlasina, Grančarevo, etc.) systems in Serbia and region was presented by dr Nikola Milivojević.

The principal invastigator and team members discussed the methodological aspects for the dynamic resilience assessment, case study and all challenges within the project. Dr Milan Stojković (Principal Investigator, Jaroslav Černi Water Institute) discussed the flowchart diagram regarding dynamic resilience assessment, presented the aims, ambition, impact, implementation and future project activities. Dr Dragan Rakić (Team member, Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac) was focused on the development of a dam safety model based on the finite element method. Dr Damjan Ivetić (Team member, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade) highlighted the dynamic resilience issues (hydroenergetic, infrastructure and ecological resilience) related to the Pirot Water System. Dr Višnja Simić (Team member, Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac) elaborated on the development of the operational state database and application of machine learning methods needed for the resilience assessment from big data.

You can download the posters at the following links: